Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bla Bla Bla

cyanide and happiness 4/8/15

I love this!

But honestly folks, and I'm talking to the 11 people who have read the last weeks worth of posts, the well is running dry. You could probably be forgiven for thinking I just disappeared again, but I have actually been reading web comics every day this week and today is the first day I found something I wanted to share.  SOOOOO I either need to add more comics to my RSS feeder that I don't know about (hint- send me some suggestions) or I need to broaden my subject horizons and write about a wider range of comic stuff.  I have started reading some graphic novels and comic books and I could expand that some (I have read everything from the Walking Dead and I'm working my way through Robert Kirkman's Invincible which is freaking brilliant).  I could also, ugh, go back to reading print comics.  The problem there is I hate reading them off the website and it costs cash money to get them delivered by email.  Feedback welcome, either way I'll let you know what I decide.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Derp de Derpy Doo

KC Green

Did anybody else play the hell out of Diddy Kong Racing on the Nintendo 64?  Holy crap Wonderpig was a horribly difficult boss to beat.  That is until you figured out one of the most rediculous design choices/bugs (not sure if it was on purpose or not) that the designers made.  In DKR your vehicle would go significantly faster if you rapidly tapped the accelerator button instead of holding it down.  This was never stated in the manual so you had to either figure it out yourself or find it online through that shitty AOL browser.  Thank almighty Thor I had a turbo controller otherwise  I could have done permanent damage to my young thumbs.

ChannelATE 3/26/15

Would you eat a muffin based off your butt?  These are the kind of really important philosophical questions you need to be asking yourself.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Humping This Foolish Day Away

Chainsaw Suit 3/31/15

Time to start a petition to change the name of April Fools to Everybody Can Be Dicks and get Away With It day.  I love a good prank as much as the next Triggerhappy TV fan but when you make it official then you get all the idot yahoos coming out of the woodwork.

ChannelATE 4/1/15
UGH now I'm got to go update my living will again

Boy on a Stick and Slither 3/31/15
Steven L. Cloud, DCR banner wunderkind and all around stand-up gentleman is still kicking trash with BOASAS, but the comics come in multiple images so how about you click on the image or HERE to go understand what all the fun is about in the panel above.


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Nib? WTF is that?

So some of my favorite content creators have started posting comics to The Nib and honestly I'm really confused.  The about page doesn't help illuminate anything for me, but after doing some more digging it looks like it's a site that is using a new platform called Medium.  Thanks to Wikipedia I've learned it's a blog-publishing platform, but because it's 2015 I had to go to Wikipedia to figure it out because nothing is spelled out in clear language anymore, so their About page is all vague marketing-speak.  Anyways it might be worth your time to check out The Nib for some comic goodness.

Like this one that KC Green shared-click the image to go see the full comic


Thursday, March 26, 2015

More KC Greening

Wooooiiiiieeee I just finished going through KC's backlog of posts on this Midnite Surprise site and found even more posts I really like and wanted to share!

The  Professor Layton games have been some of my favorite times on Nintendo systems in recent memory, but the whole situation between Layton and Luke has always been just a little bit...weird.
 LOL death cults, oh sorry not being serious.
Some day I'll have kids and I just hope they're as darling as little ol' fart daughter
More video games!  They need to put out some new starfox games already.  Also the 3ds remake of the old n64 game is super rare and expensive, which has kept me from playing it.  Do a barrel roll!


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