Saturday, September 17, 2011

Because His Cholesterol Isn't Through the Roof

It's Saturday. Let's get started.

Dinette Set
Why, yes. He is talking about the corn that sometimes shows up in your poop.

Rudy Park
Call me crazy but I think Steve Jobs will be just fine. Not just because it seems the cancer was caught early but because Steve Jobs has money. Lots and lots of money to pay for new treatments and medications.

Why is that old man in a high chair being fed? If you can't draw a baby that is clearly a baby then don't draw babies.

I love helper monkeys. Hopefully Clyde doesn't let Earl borrow his monkey because sure Earl will use it for housework at first but soon the monkey will being ill and overweight due to Earl's laziness and when Earl finally returns the monkey to Clyde all the monkey will be able to do is type "Pray for Mojo" on the computer.

Of course Ziggy still shops at a bookstore. Ziggy loves to patronize establishments that are on the brink of closing. Five bucks he's even at a Borders.


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