Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day!

Happy pi day everybody! Now on to comics review!

The Born Looser
The Born Loser
Run away, Jacob Yaeger! This man may have been born a looser, but I'm pretty sure his aura of excessive personal failure can rub off on those around him.

Boom Hilda
Broom Hilda
No Prozac for you, Broom Hilda. You'll just have to soldier through your crippling depression.

The Buckets
The Buckets
Over 8 hours of continuous sleep? Sheesh, this guy should be a little more grateful that his body clock is fully cooperating.

I don't think longer legs make you any better at jumping. Maybe the opposite actually. If this guy was playing basketball, he would have less of a need to jump as he would already be closer to the basket. The gag would probably work better if the employer was interviewing a frog or kangaroo—you know, something that can actually jump.

Momma's worst fears and nightmares are confusing. So which is the main worry here? That her son is a beggar, or that he is disillusioned? Also, I don't see how demanding $2 as opposed to $1 would make anyone think themselves a businessman.


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