Thursday, April 26, 2012


TO: Head of the CIA
FROM: Charleston Charge
RE: Transmissions (URGENT)

Hello, director of the CIA. I know everyone says that it's some guy named Petraeus, but you guys are the CIA. There's probably at least five levels over him, and you're at the top. Now, my name is Charleston Charge, and I have an important thing to talk to you about. It's recently come to my attention that over 2000 TB of unaccounted data have been transmitted daily since the year 1995, and while no one else wants to talk to me about it, I'm sure there's something weird going on. I think it might have something to do with that Verdant Orb thing that a lot of my contemporaries have sighted in various shots from space telescopes. I've tracked down some of what was transmitted today, and thought I should share with you. Here's the first thing:
It's today's "Arctic Circle", and I think the author is using this specific strip as an attempt to tell us that, soon, some weird creature is going to reveal themselves and start killing our ducks in order to eat them. Except, maybe, we're the ducks and they're going to eat us, which is probably a lot more likely. That's not the worst of it, though. Look:
This one is called "Overboard", and I think the implications are clear. Aliens are going to come to Earth and abduct all the humanoids. Man and ape will be united as they attempt to escape the humanoid aliens who come to take us to their home-world in order to mate with us. Maybe they won't even leave. Maybe they'll colonize Earth! It's sort of weird, isn't it, how one dog is a dog and the other talks? Oh, and I just noticed that pun at the end, but I'm getting off-track. Abductions, man! Breeding camps! Thankfully, other comic strips want to protect us:
"Brewster Rockit" knows that the only way to defeat the alien hordes is to take up arms against them. Yet is also shows us we have to be careful, lest we destroy ourselves. Stan Lee already knows about another danger:
In "Spider-Man", he shows us that it's only a matter of time until we betray ourselves.

I think what has to be done is clear, director. The CIA has to stand up against the alien menace that's coming, and I volunteer for the task force.

Awaiting your reply,
Charleston Charge


TO: Charleston Charge
FROM: Rahn Way
RE: RE: Transmissions (URGENT)

Stop sending us messages about this. At first, it was sort of fun to see what theories you had come up with, but it's just gotten sad. I'm the only one reading them. Please, you have to have something better to do with your life.


TO: Rahn Way
FROM: Charleston Charge
RE: RE: RE: Transmissions (URGENT)

This is my life. Who cares about finishing high school when there's so many things in the world that need explaining? So many dangers that need thwarting? You'll be hearing from me again.


There was no reply.


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