Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Daily Comics Review Returns!

Hello! I'm Hal Bent, jumping in to rant and rave about the funny pages. Thank you for reading, and especially thanks to Bryce for letting me post here.  I may not be able to post daily, but I have years of repressed ranting at the daily comics.  I have been reading the site here at The Daily Comics Review  since the early days and am also a Comics Curmudgeon junkie. I grew up on the comics (or funnies as they were called in my house) and as an adult read them daily in the newspaper until admitting death of the industry and moving to my daily dose online. 

When not making inappropriate comments at comics on my computer, I write for my own sports blog ( and recently joined another football-centric blog ( and a fan of all things comics (newspaper comics, online comic books, collected comics, comic book guy, comic stores, free comics day, stand-up comics....seriously, put comic in the title somewhere and I’ll buy it).

I love the comics, love to write, and am glad to have the forum.  So, let me shut about the boring stuff (me) and move on to the good stuff (comics): 

This is 9 to 5 by Harley Schwadron, apparently work related.  I have worked in private and public industry for my entire adult life, and in no walk of life have I ever encountered a chart on the wall like the one over the CEO's head.  Industry growth? Competitor growth? Sales growth? Is this a failed dot-com showing that they once had sales and made a profit?  "We were great once! I'm gonna frame it and show anyone who comes in that we were cutting edge for three minutes."

Also, who doesn't change their vacation outfit when they come back to work?  I like the CEO's expression here as well, like employees wander around the office in bizarre outfits. He just asks "How was your vacation?" like nothing is out of the ordinary.  The joke? What happened in Vegas? Oh yeah. Ha-ha.  That was mildly entertaining ten years ago. Mildly.  Very mildly.

Monty by Jim Meddick has been around the comics pages for ages. Before being focused on the title character, a nerd/geek/goofball named Monty, it was called Robotman and Monty was a minor supporting character.  For some reason, they shot the robot back to his home planet or some goofy outcome, and started focusing on Monty.  After a few years, they bring in this robot character who looks kinda like Robotman.  Umm, what? He's not Robotman, but he's a robot-man.  

The ongoing story this week is some nonsense about the robot being overly attached to an ant farm.  This is a comic for people who miss Data from Star Trek TNG and need more than Star Trek fanfic to get them through a day on the Internet.  They miss Lt. Commander Data and his Pinocchio Quest to become human and not a machine. What a bunch of nerds! 

(God, I miss Data and Star Trek TNG.)

Finally, we have Chuckle Bros by Brian and Ron Boychuk.  Umm, what the heck is that?  What does this sink have to do with a music artist not singing their own lyrics or lip syncing?  This is vaguely unwholesome looking to say the least.  

Milli Vanilli was 20 years ago.  How is this timely, relevant, or something that is understood by the general public?  Instead they present a sink that looks like a 13 year old boy's wet dream. Uggh.  The more I look at it the more I am creeped-out thinking of some poor sap looking at this in a newspaper while eating breakfast this morning. Unclean!

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Andy,  January 31, 2013 at 8:19 AM  

Hal, thanks from another Bostonian and CC reader for taking this over, I'm looking forward to some good comments. Regarding Chuckle Bros, I've posted comments on on the "relevancy" of their various submissions. At least we're up to 20 years ago now! I've given up myself, it's a lost cause.

BostonSportPage.Com January 31, 2013 at 4:18 PM  

Agree. Just because we read the funny pages, we don't expect to have our intelligence insulted. The best/successful/relevant comics treat the reader as an intelligent adult (Bloom County, Doonesbury, the Far Side, the Boondocks, etc) that does not need to be pandered to and have "jokes" jammed down their throat. Thanks again for commenting Andy, I appreciate the feedback!

Inkwell March 4, 2013 at 3:44 PM  

Heyy, it's back! Sweet! I love Josh more than anybody, but I'm always excited to see someone else get in on the snark.

BostonSportPage.Com March 4, 2013 at 6:39 PM  

We all love Josh...thay's why we do this! :)

BostonSportPage.Com March 4, 2013 at 6:39 PM  

We all love Josh...thay's why we do this! :)

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