Monday, February 4, 2013

Another Rough Day at the Gym

Happy Monday, everyone.  Hope everyone had a super Super Bowl Sunday yesterday.  Monday means new comics, so let's jump into it.  And in case I forget to say it later, thanks so much for stopping by!

Bliss by Harry Bliss and Real Life Adventures by Gary Wise and Lance Aldrich:

This is great for everyone with the gym membership that, 5 weeks into the new year, is already dormant and unused.  I always hated going to the gym.  These two comics sum up two of the most annoying aspects of the hated gym experience: muscle-bound phys. ed. majors hitting on your girl at the gym and fat asses on the exer-bike.  If Bliss was drawn at another angle, you'd see "Mr. Benches 250" flexing his arm as he feels up some guys girlfriend as part of his "job duty".  Of course, in Real Life Adventures the blond wife was at the same gym with the same trainer....she was loving all that attention she doesn't get from tubby here.  A different angle, and you'd see the Cheetos, ding-dongs, ho-ho's and beer on the side table.  Why go to the gym when she can see the sweaty butt prints on tubby's chair when he drags himself to the bathroom for his only strenuous activity of the day.


 The Born Loser, The by Chip Sansom:
Yeah, there was something wrong with the first honeymoon, Buddy.  Big problems! (It's funny because the Born Loser has erectile dysfunction.)


Baldo by Hector D. Cantu and Carlos Castellanos:
Is Baldo still in high school?  Is his father that annoyed with his kid that he's desperately trying to  marry him off and get him out of his hair?  There's a girl you like? Let me tell you about my experience.  Too bad it ended at four panels, add another two and you'd have: PANEL FIVE: Of course, the honeymoon was horrible." PANEL SIX: I had erectile dysfunction like that Born Loser!"

Seriously, look at that expression on the father's face when his son wants to have a serious father-son talk.  He hates this kid.  He wants no part of this conversation.  Do you get the impression that Baldo tries to have these talks every thirty minutes? Earlier that day, the conversation went: BALDO: "Dad, can we talk? I was pleasuring myself yesterday with your mustache scissors..."


Free Range by Bill Whitehead:
Wait a sec, where is her voice coming from?  Is it coming from his...It is! Way to kick it up a notch, Free Range!


Angry Little Girls by Lela Lee:
"I was looking for love in all the wrong places. Looking for love in too many places."  Nothing like a little 1980 country music by Johnny Lee from the Urban Cowboy soundtrack.  Of course, maybe little blond girl needs to stop being so negative. Or stop looking so hard and coming across as desperate.  Maybe she's unlikable.  How does she treat her friends?  Maybe she should hang out at the gym.  I bet there's a personal trainer more than happy to feel her up.


Café con Leche by Charlos Gary:
Wait, was this idiot with the 1990's hipster goatee was passed out the last six months?  That's a significant baby bump.  Gotta be looking about six months pregnant there.  Where the heck is he going? Buying baby clothes? That's what I did.  Potency! Virility! Manliness!  Shout it from the rooftops. This guy is disgrace to real men.  Either that, or he knows she just got back from three months abroad.


Last Kiss by John Lustig:
I have to put Last Kiss on here because I've been such a fan of the strip for so long.  John Lustig  bought the rights to a bunch of old romance comics and has been re-writing them with his unique humor.  (Plus, he accepted my Facebook friend request! Tee-hee,giddy fan boy alert!)  Consistently funny, always unique. Give him a read here:

* * *

OK, now I'm done. Thanks as always for reading! (Hey, I remembered.)


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