Monday, February 11, 2013

Comic Strips and Comic Books: A Match Made in Heaven

It's a snow day here, as work will wait another day since the city cannot manage to clear the roads despite the snow having ended well over 24 hours ago.  With that, it's time to dig into another daily dose of comics and let loose my considerable knowledge gleaned from wasting thousands and thousand of dollars on comic books (rather than the very little bit of knowledge gleaned from wasting thousands and thousands of dollars on my academic education).

Brevity by Dan Thompson:

This is a rare opportunity to complement a comic done right. Thompson combines two disparate worlds into one very humorous scene.  Nick Fury (time to put on my comic book hat...not that I have a real comic book hat, but that would be cool to have a hat that I wear for comic book discussions...hmm...this is gonna have to happen) is from the Marvel Universe, as former Director of SHIELD is well-known for his distinctive eye-patch.  Of course, Jean Shepherd's masterpiece Christmas Story starring Ralph and his quest for the BB Gun for Christmas where his mother leads the "You'll shoot your eye out" group of dissent.  

So we have Ralph and Nick Fury combined here as Nick shoots his eye out due to getting the BB Gun for Christmas and has to wear the eye-patch.  Funny, combines two smart concepts, and captures Fury's father well to just make him recognizable least recognizable enough to comic book least Marvel-616 Universe readers...Ultimate Universe and movie viewers not reading the comics will think "that guy looks NOTHING like Samuel L. Jackson, but no need to get into all that...I'm sure I've been confusing enough.


Eek! by Scott Nickel:
Staying on a Marvel Comics theme here, we have half of the Fantastic Four confronting the villainous Mole Man.  Here the Mole Man takes on multiple meanings, not just living in his subterranean Mole City (nice representation of the Moloids over his shoulder) but also having dermal moles on his face.  Rather than brawling, the Human Torch seems quite concerned about the moles appearing on the Mole Man's face, making me wonder if Mr. Fantastic is back setting up the lab to prep for the Mole Man and check if the moles are cancerous.  


Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley:
Great job here understanding the dog motive.  I can picture my own dog (if capable of answering the phone) being the same way as poor, sweet Satchel here.  Just as any noise has him panicking that SOMEONE is outside the door, imagine his terror at not knowing who was on the end of the phone.  Perfect representation of dog behavior. And Bucky Katt, of course, as all cats, has lost interest almost immediately and fails to ascertain the canine motive of desperation in needing to know "IS ANYONE THERE?".  


Rose is Rose by Don Wimmer / Created by Pat Brady:
Yeah, so many young, college-loan debt-laden elementary school teachers are halfway to spring break vacations.  Sure, on their salaries its not like they are juggling paying off the loan, putting gas in their ten year old vehicle, paying the rent, and collecting enough nickels to enjoy a dinner of Ramen Noodles.  Heck, no. Those affluent teachers are all about Cabo-Wabo and partying their asses off in the Caribbean. 



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