Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Not So Funnies

Sunday comics are supposed to be the best of the week: the artist's time to shine. Whoops, so much for that.  Here are three that caught my eye:

The Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn:

This is great because I get to use my Lord of The Rings nerd which no longer had to be hidden inside me (like comic book superheroes, it made me nerd when I was 14 but now it's mainstream.  I love the idea of TGI Frodo's with Frodo employing Gollum and Woodland Elves trying to decide between "Smeagol Nuggets" and "Rohan Rings".  Hobbitaco is pretty good.  Rohan ribs would be better than rings, but they need the joke setup.  I like "One Onion Ring to Rule Them All" better than that.  Smeagol Nuggets are kinda disturbing. Gondor Wings makes no sense. Nazgul Wings would make much more sense.  How about more character driven foods? Gimli's Giblets and Gravy? Lord Elessar's Eldeberry Coated Chicken?  The Boromir Burger? Sauron Shakes? Sam Gamgee's Glazed Lamb Shanks?  Wow. I am putting way too much thought into this...

Luann by Greg Evans:
This is great.  Wrap up the entire history of the title character by reciting the rundown of all the losers guys who she has interacted with throughout the history of the strip.  Thank God I didn't waste all these years trying to keep all these character's straight and have any ideas what's going on.  Is that a digital recorder she's recording her diary on?  I assumed it was a smartphone with an online diary or something but now when I look again I am not sure.  What is this? No blog? Podcast? Does anyone record a diary on a digital audio recorder.  Wait, what am I doing assuming is it digital? That sucker could be mini-cassette!

One Big Happy by Rick Detorie:
Wow, Veranda is a spoiled little bitch.  Grandpa here needs to pack up and go home.  No grandparent needs to go through this crap.  This kid has issues, spoiled brat issues.  "I want you to want what I want you to want."  Just get up and go, Grandpa. Get up, tell off your kid and in-law about their horrific child, and go.


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