Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's New, Pussycat?

It's late, I know.  One of those days.  New phones and stuck on tech support purgatory to get them up and running right.  Total first world problem, I know.  We'll be a little quick today (not that there is anything wrong with being concise!), and, yes, I was listening to Tom Jones: Greatest Hits in the car today:

Lio by Mark Tatulli:

Lio has long been a favorite because it is one of the few fresh and original comics.  As a "cat person", I especially enjoyed today's strip and its homage to the cats of the comics.  Almost as important as the who's who of cats was who was most noticeably absent: Heathcliff. His relevance has waned, apparently.  Kudos for Bill the Cat from Bloom County getting an "Ack" in.


Adam@Home by Brian Basset:
Adam here is not fooling anyone in panel three: He has an extremely unhealthy relationship with cheese.  It is unhealthy, unsafe, and unusual.  What was the word I used yesterday?  Freaky-deaky.  Adam has a little freaky-deaky relationship going on with cheese. In fact, I'm not even going to tell you what flavor cheese is in his pocket right now...he is a food freak.


Get a Life! by Tim Lachowski:
Yup, been there, done that. Folks, don't grow up to work in marketing or sales.  You just end up like this poor slob on the right, begging for the return of your mortal soul.  I guess he could be a  Lawyer, but that is too cliche.  Maybe he works in recruiting...that's some soul-crushing work right there...crushing dreams, stealing clients, cold calling.  Ugh, I am getting some post-traumatic stress disorder just thinking of this...


Arlo and Janis by Jimmy Johnson:
Arlo and Janis is another classic comic that I just consistently enjoy.  This one strikes close to home, as this is what a typical night of watching Chopped or some other cooking show on Food Network looks like in the Bent household.  When its sports, sure that's me riled up and shouting at the television.  But food shows are not much different.  I just wish that it was a grilling challenge that was referenced as the show, as Arlo is a character who makes a point to fire up the grill at every opportunity. ("What kind of BBQ sauce is he using?  Does she know the grill isn't hot enough?"

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