Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Daily Comics Review: Terrible Tuesday

by Hal Bent

Tuesdays are terrible: They're like Mondays on steroids.  So Tuesday is now "Terrible Tuesday" and served with extra snark.  Speaking of terrible, I hate those LasVegas.com commercials with the guy named LasVegas.com. That's just stupid and annoying.  It has nothing to do with comics, but I just had to vent. Sorry, you get stuck reading it because it's Terrible Tuesday already.

Betty by Gary Delainey and Gerry Rasmussen:

I think the dialogue here is lacking.  It doesn't exactly sound like a conversation real human beings would have.  Hmmm, what if they were robots? 
MAN: You are losing weight. I am still fat, unattractive, and have a huge nose.
WOMAN: I am ugly as sin and have 1957 glasses, but not as fat as you are. 
WOMAN: Therefore, I have posted my profile on dating websites and have received replies.
MAN: Holy crap. You are attractive to other people now that you are not obese?
WOMAN: Compared to your fat ass, apparently the answer is yes. 

Everything is better with robots!

Ziggy by Tom Wilson & Tom II:

Also, you'll be in my basement. In a hole. With your hands tied behind your back. And I broadcast it at a subscription rate to other Ziggy-haters.  I got seed money from some guy named Bent.  (Some day I'm gonna get a serious Ziggy fan to stumble across this site who will seethe in anger and tear me apart in the comments and on his/her own blog.  THAT WOULD BE FANTASTIC!)

Pluggers by Gary Brookins:
Which means this fat Rhino Plugger is still fat, hasn't lost the weight his Doctor begged him too, is likely diabetic, eats at McDonalds five or six meals a week, doesn't get regular exercise, and is a walking health hazard who will cost the taxpayers and his future Union brothers millions as they over-run premiums and tax the healthcare system. Hold your heads up high, Pluggers. You are ruining America. Whoo-hoo! Represent!

Barney & Clyde by Gene Weingarten, Dan Weingarten & David Clark:
I usually like puns.  That said, this one does involve peeing, so despite the horrible pun, it passes the sniff test.  That said, it reminds me of a story about horrible puns. OK, I lied, it reminds of a story about peeing, and yoga.  Umm, you know what, that's a bad idea. I'm gonna stop now.


the_stag,  March 27, 2013 at 6:58 AM  

Sorry Hal, I don't think there are any serious Ziggy fans out there. Although I would like to see two Ziggy fans digest the crap that shoveled to them day after day.

BostonSportPage.Com March 27, 2013 at 3:53 PM  

Thanks for the comment, Stag. I figure they're out there--Family Circus fans exist. I figure its a bunch of underground 50-somethings who worship the Zig-man like Stephen Pastis did with Rat in Pearls Before Swine jabbing at the Family Circus crew: Rat comes upon an arena with a fat guy in a "I love Jeffy" t-shirt and a Family Circus convention.

But, yeah, that Ziggy has been annoying me since I was a wee boy in the late 70s when he was EVERYWHERE. Feels good to strike back at last! ;)

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