Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Daily Comics Review: Thursday Quickies

by Hal Bent

It must be Thursday, so today is all about the QUICKIES!  OK, let's fire these up:

Adam@Home by Brian Basset:

Jack Klugman jokes? Seriously? Star of the Odd Couple and medical drama Quincy M.E.? Last culturally relevant in 1983 when Quincy M.E. was cancelled?  Basset is obviously gearing this strip for the elderly still reading newspapers instead of us online readers. 

Andertoons by Mark Anderson:
Does anyone know many times I've had to explain this to non-Star Trek fans?  NO ONE KNEW ABOUT THE INTERNET, SMART PHONES, MINIATURIZATION OF COMPUTERS IN 1967! Gene Roddenberry was a TV producer, not a technology visionary. Star Trek was not about what tech would be in the future, but rather a social commentary hidden in science fiction.

Overboard by Chip Dunham:
Gotta love a good poop joke.  Nothing else to add. Just pointing out that some days, you need a good poop joke. 

Momma by Mell Lazarus:
Hell, no, Momma. Francis is banging all the ladies!!! He's single, unattached, scoring with the ladies, and no doubt riddled with venereal diseases.  

Thanks as always for reading, all! Have a great night...the weekend is right around the corner.


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