Sunday, May 5, 2013

Funday Sunnies

by Hal Bent

Happy Sunday, all. Thanks for coming back.  A busy week for myself here kept me from posting a bit, but have no fear, the Funday Sunnies are here.  In college (you know, almost 20 years ago...God, I am almost old enough to enjoy "Pluggers") we were taught to write what you know and from personal experience, so I figured today was a day off from work, and even though I got my chores and to-do work done, today is all about me. I made a chili for lunch (and dinner! It was that good.) and now the Funday Sunnies are all up in my business.

Thatababy by Paul Trap:

This is how I imagined it for my kids when I was putting on the Beatles albums for them to listen to in their cribs. Of course, what effect playing so much Beatles and U2 had on them is hard to know. Now, my son is 11 and listens to Eminen (is that like oldies to a kid?) and my 9-year old daughter is all Taylor Swift and Katy Perry and pop stuff all the time.  Ah, well, at least I enjoyed the music.

Prickly City by Scott Stantis:
Oh that is awesome.  A wonderful Americanization of a Hispanic holiday.  I guess its better than Mexican Restaurants overloaded with drunks happy about another unofficial drinking holiday like St. Patrick's Day . "I know,let's all drink Corona's! So authentic!"  Ugh. I like the fake holiday idea...I have been crashing my best buddy's authentic Irish St. Paddy's Party since I was a teenager, but I think it's best to use it to teach diversity and let the kids see there is a great big world beyond out little slice of the world. 

Pooch Café by Paul Gilligan:
In Poncho's defense, my wife's wiener dog only eats cat food. She bought so much dog food after we got him (yes, he was a rescue, not a puppy pound pooch) and he simply would it eat for one day then starve himself until she got another. Instead, he wanted to eat with the cats, so he ate with the cats.  The vet gave it the OK, so here we are three years later and the maniac still eats with the cats. 

Alright, everyone, thanks as always for reading. Have a great week!


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