Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Webcomics Wednesday!

by Hal Bent

Welcome to Webcomics Wednesday, my favorite day of the week. Today I have a great comic that I've done my usual to--that is, I stumble across the website, then go back to the first comic online and read them all in one afternoon, which was my Sunday afternoon. So without any further delay, it's a great day for webcomics!

Snap Crackle Pop by Kit Fox

Tagline: "A comic about a girl and her monsters"

You may already know her work from:

About the Webcomic: Kit Fox created Snap Crackle Pop as (and I quote) "my comic is a semi-autobiographical bit of nonsense, adding dragons, demons, giant spiders and various monsters to the tasks of everyday life."
Seriously, that is a tough combo to beat.  Add in Mordak the Cactus (cacti?) and his dim-witted brother, Randall; boyfriend, Adam; Morgan, the buff demon Lord of Hell; Bacon, the Flying Pig; and, of course, my personal favorite: Finn the Dragon. 
Finn and Bacon are demons sent to corrupt Kit, but are really just kind of lovable, nice-guy demons, so Morgan is sent to handle the job.  
The artwork jumps out at the reader, as it is very unique.  Sweet, yet funny, it's a captivating read that has the reader anxiously awaiting next Wednesday for their installment of the webcomic.
I found the site as a recommendation from the first webcomic I featured here at the DCR, Puck by ElectricGecko (I'm not cool enough to know his real name) over at Puck Comics. So many thanks for the recommendation, and now enough blather from me and onto some Snap Crackle Pop:

and, finally:

OK, check it out--it's a great webcomic and you'll have years to catch-up on if you start now.


Inkwell May 8, 2013 at 9:56 PM  

Webcomics are awesome! I discovered this weird one a while back called Baujahr. I couldn't tell you the plot if I tried, but it gets to strange you can't turn away. A major plot development is a character eating his own corpse.

BostonSportPage.Com May 9, 2013 at 8:50 AM  

Now that sounds interesting! Thank you. :) I'm gonna add that to my reading list. :) Recommendations are always the best way to find fun stuff.

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